The Towering Physique of Athletic Men

The attributes of a great player which include pace, power, dexterity and energy are extremely important. However the primary requirement for all athletic men is to build that strong and steady form in order to excel in their particular sports field. Two well renowned athletic men have utilized their energies to acquire that perfect physical stature. The first one is Colin Kaepernick, the 49-year-old suave quarterback of San Francisco. His leadership qualities in the football field hardly require any articulation. He religiously follows offseason training in order to flawlessly lead in the field. Ryan Capretta's ProActive Sports Performance gym near Los Angeles is his chosen fitness centre where he tones his muscles by working out with 100-pound dumbbells on reverse lunges and further toughens himself by doing 110s on the bench press. He follows agility drills like band shuffles and hurdle jumps so that he is well equipped to dodge any defender. In an interview to ‘Men's Health’ Kaepernick modestly stated that he is still trying to improve his technique and skill.
The second is Tim Howard, the 39 year old celebrated soccer player of team USA. He is the best leader a team can get and possesses unparalleled skills as a goal-tender. In order to maintain his exemplary physique he does rigorous workout to amplify his range of motion. Throughout the offseason he engages in a lot of rowing and kayaking to keep his abdominal muscles sturdy.  According to an interview taken by ‘Men's Health’, Howard talked about his fitness regime which focuses on increasing his core strength for better stability and faster reflexes.


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