Will Nadal’s strong will overcome his struggling health?

When looking back on his achievements in the year of 2014, Rafael Nadal can surely agree on the fact that he did a good job – he reached the final of the Australian Open and set a new record when extending ninth French Open title.

However, as it happens to almost every professional sportive, Nadal had his struggles when it came to his health. Fortunately, he is now recovering from his afflictions and promises that he will always work hard in order to reach his goals.

Rafael Nadal has one month to prepare for the 2015 season and he is determined to show everyone that a strong will is, in most cases, everything you need in order to succeed. He hopes to stay in shape and be healthy and is sure that the results will follow. What is more, everyone affirms that Rafael Nadal is remarkable not only because he is a talented and hard working tennis player, but also because he is mentally strong. He has always recovered from the injuries he has suffered and has returned more determined than ever.

Also, Nadal is appreciated because he always seems to live completely in the present. Whenever he plays a game, he is fully committed to it. He plays every part of the game as if that would be the last. He is all in. Therefore, Nadal can say that he has the full support of his fans and with his strong will and incontestable talent, he will surely succeed in making a memorable comeback.


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