Tai Chi And Its Effective Benefits On Overall Health And Fitness

Tai chi is form of Marital Art from China practiced not only for self-defense but also for their health benefits. Formally, it is called tàijíquán or T'ai chi ch'uan. Some of the training routines in Tai Chi are known for their extremely slow movements. The modern version of Tai Chi has been reformed to a graceful exercise used to promote health and fitness both mental and physical. The routine essentially consists of series of slow focused movements along with deep breathing techniques.

The salient feature of this exercise is that the movements are slow and each posture would lead their way to the next in a free flowing manner without any pause. This is done to ensure that the whole body is in continuous motion. There are various styles of Tai Chi each pointing to the different aspects of health benefits. However, some may be done for the sole reason of martial arts. Tai chi is a very inexpensive option to manage and maintain fitness as there is not much equipment required.

The increasing popularity of tai chi is because it has a very low impact stress on muscles. This characteristic of the routine make it alluring to all the age groups. Tai chi is also known to relieve stress. However, pregnant women, individuals with joint and bone problems and hernia should seek their doctor’s advice before enrolling in tai chi training. The whole idea of Tai Chi is not to have any drastic changes but to change for better in a gradual and graceful manner.

Posted by Carol Parker 5/14/15

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