How To Prevent Female Athlete Triad

When it comes to exercising, especially if you are one of those female athlete who exercises intensely there is always the female athlete triad risk. The female athlete triad is usually a combination of three conditions which tend to affect women when they exercise and that is amenorrhea (or missed periods), osteoporosis as well as eating disorders. If you tend to exercise intensely there is a high chance that you will have one, two or all of these conditions.

Missed Period
This a common concern with women who tend to exercise a lot. For you to have your monthly periods your body needs to have the right amount of fat. Some women tend to over exercise and to add on to that they fail to eat well and as a result the body uses up all the fat and thus they tend to have delayed periods.

This is when you bones tend to get weak as a result of exercising intensely. If you fail to eat a well balanced diet that includes calcium as an athlete as you continue to exercise there is a high possibility that you will have weak bones. Having weak bones can end your career as an athlete as you will tend to have injuries on a regular basis, in addition to that you will also be prone to fractures.

Eating Disorders
Eating disorders is commonly associated with female athletes who want to lose weight so as to participate in a certain sport. This type of eating disorder usually involves female athletes avoiding certain meals which they believe are bad such as foods which contain lots of fat. In some cases it might be bad such as anorexia nervosa or in other cases bulimia nervosa.


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